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Eureka Classic/ Traditional/ Commercial  Upright Parts. Models 1903, 1923, 1925, 1928, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1935, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1945,1946, 1947, 1967, 1968
Eureka Bravo II Upright <br>12" Models 7605AT, 7618AT 15" Model 7820AT
Eureka PowerPlus 2270 Series (2271, 2272, 2273, 2275)
Eureka Contour/Maxima/PowerLine Upright  With 'J' Bag. <br>Models 2900A, 2901A, 2902AV, 2903A, 2904AZ, 2905A, 2920A, 2924AV, 2926AV
Eureka Altima & EZ Kleen, True Clean, SurfaceMax & Athena Series  Parts.<br>Models 2940, 2950, 2961, 2970, 2971, 2972, 2976, 2977, 2980, 2981.
Eureka UNO Bagless Upright Parts<br>Models: 2991AVZ, 2993AV, 2996AVZ, 2997AZ, 2997BVZ, 2997BVZ-1, 2998AZ, 2998BZ, 2999AVZ, 2999DVZ Series
Eureka EnviroVac Model 3041  Parts.
Eureka Whirlwind Plus/ Pet Expert/Pet Lover /Pet Pal Upright Bagless Parts.<br>3200 Series<br> Models 3271, 3276AVZ, 3276AZ, 3276BVZ, 3277AVZ, 3277AVZX, 3279AZ, 3277AVZ, 3281AZ, 3281BZ, 3282AVZ
Eureka Comfort Clean 4235, 4236, 4238, 4239 Models
Eureka VICTORY/ VICTORY WHIRLWIND Upright<br> With PAPER BAG Parts.<br>43XX & 44XX Models
Eureka Victory Whirlwind 4600 Series, Bagless Upright Parts.
Eureka Victory Whirlwind Bagless Upright Parts.
Eureka Model 4750 and 4760 Bagged (PL Bags) Upright Parts.
Eureka PowerLine 4773AZ and Opti-Power 4776AZ Parts.
Eureka Maxima/ PetPal/Boss/ Light Force/ Power Plus Bagless Uprights<br>Models  4700A, 4700B, 4700D, 4701A, 4702A, 4703A,4703BLU,4703D,4704A,4709AZ, 4710(GRN-MDR-TRQ) 4711AZ, 4711BZ, 4712AZ, 4716AVZ,  4717AVZ,  4718AVZ
Eureka Maxima/ Light Speed Baged Lightweight Upright<br>Models 4750A /4752A/ 4760AZ
Eureka Ultra Smart Vac (Omega) Upright <br> Models 4870AT, 4870ATV, 4870BT, 4870DT,4870 GZ, 4870HZ, 4870K, 4870MZ, 4870PZ, 4870RZ, 4870SZX, 4870T, 4870UZ, 4872AT, 4872BT, 4874AT, 4875A
Eureka Ultra Smart Vac Cyclonic Upright <br> Models 4880A, 4880B, 4880D, 4880AT, 4880BT, 4885AT, 4885BT
Eureka Self-Propelled w/Bag 5180 Series
Eureka Self-Propelled Bagless 5190 Series
Eureka 5550 Bagless Upright
Eureka High Performance (HP) Vacuum Cleaner Parts.Models HP5555A and HP5505A
Eureka LightSpeed / WhirlWind/ Genesis II<br>Bagless Upright Parts.<BR>Models: 5740, 5810, 5811, 5813, 5815, 5840, 5841, 5842, 5843, 5844, 5845, 5846, 5847, 5848, 5849, 5850, 5851, 5852, 5853, 5855, 5856, 5857, 5859, 5860, 5863, 5892, 5893.
Eureka LightSpeed 5810A & 5810A-1 Bagged ModelS
Eureka 4D & Boss® 4D Pet Fresh™ Models 5892 & 5893 & 5902 Parts
Eureka 6140 Whirlwind Vacuum Parts
Eureka 6230/ 6235 Oxygen Vacuum Cleaner
Eureka Boss® Capture™ + Pet Lover Upright Parts.<BR>8802AVZ, 8803AVZ, 8806AVZ, 8806BVZ, 8807AVZ, 8810AVZ, 8811AVZ<br>8851AVZ, 8852DVZ, 8852AVZ, 8852BVZ, 8853AVZ, 8862AVZ, 8863AVZ, 8871AZ, 8873AZ Bagless Series
Eureka AirSpeed Upright Vacuum Parts. Models AS10XXA
Eureka Model AS5203A ZUUM Bagless Upright Parts.
Eureka Model AS1101A, AS1104A Suction Seal Upright Vacuum Parts.
Eureka AirSpeed ONE/ ULTRA Series Upright Parts.
Eureka Endeavor Bagless Upright Vacuum, Model 5400A Parts
Eureka Eureka AirExcel NLS Model 5403A Bagless Upright Vacuum Parts.
Eureka MyVac Air Speed Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner Parts
Eureka AirSpeed AS5210A Air Zoom Parts.
Eureka AirSpeed Exact/ Exact Reach Parts.
Eureka Light Weight Vacs & Stick Vacuum Parts
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